At our core, we believe in providing quality products that are made to last. All too often we see careful craftsmanship and high quality materials sacrificed in favor of quick and low cost alternatives. As a result many products are not built to last and spend only a short time in our homes.  We want to honor the skills of traditional craftsmanship and utilize time-tested natural materials. Through our care and attention to detail we are able to create products that will be with our customers through the different chapters of their lives.


Just as we are passionate about the quality of our products, we are equally committed to providing timeless designs. Styles come and go (and frankly, we love a good trend), but when it comes to our homes, we want products that feel invested in us, ones that won’t tire as the calendar changes. At Reed Feather Straw, we are dedicated to offering homewares with timeless style and quality.


Pillows are our first love and where we began. From providing comfort to anchoring a room, pillows serve a vital role in our homes. They can set a dramatic tone with a bold pattern, establish a serene vibe with a palette of neutrals or even provide dimension through a variety of textures. Whatever the aesthetic may be, pillows have the power to transform an entire space.

But they weren’t always this way. Before they were supporting our heads for a peaceful night’s rest or dressing up our sofas, pillows were originally made from stone and wood. It was thanks to the Greeks and Romans that we saw the shift from function to comfort. Ultimately, pillows became a symbol of status when they adopted the use of softer materials by filling cloth with reeds, feathers and straw.

Evident from our name to our philosophy is our passion for learning from history. Reed Feather Straw was born in our effort to marry the enduring quality of the past to life in our modern homes.